Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is the 4th year of the Fig Leif Naked 10K Off-Road Bike Ride and the 7th year of the 5K Run which takes place on the same evening of the Sunny Nekkid Ride which in turn takes place the week before the World Naked Bike Ride.  The 10 K off-rode bike ride and 5K run starts at the paved section of NW Leif Erickson Road at 7:15pm on Saturday, June 9, 2012. This is the wide area with a port-a-potty about 500 yards beyond the Forest Park entry gate at the top of NW Thurman St.  As usual, this is an unorganized run and unsupported ride.  Nevertheless,  we'll have someone to keep cyclist and  runner's time and watch our stuff while we bike and run.  We'll even have a prize (print shown above) for the first male and female cyclist and runner to cross the finish line. There is no entry fee and bring you own water. The route is unpaved, almost like cobble stone in places.   It's an uphill run and ride all the way to the turn around point.