Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thank you for a successful first ever Mountaindale Sun Fun 5K Run/Walk

Thank you Don, Rylla, Ronny and all of the many volunteers who helped prepare and host the first ever  Mountaindale Sun Fun 5K Run/Walk.  And thank you to the men and women who ran or walked in the event despite it being announced barely two weeks before and despite the light rain on the day of the run/walk.   The 5K average run time was 39 minutes and 48 seconds.  Not bad for a 400 feet elevation gain over a half mile (as the crow flies).  The event also included a 1 Mile walk over relatively level ground and the average time for that was 22 minutes and 58 seconds.  I think most of the participants spent the rest of the day in the hot tub because of the rain and stayed for a couscous and chicken dinner with a spicy lentil soup and belly dancing by a 12 member troupe.  Stay tuned, this event will be moved to August 5 next year.  Thank you again everyone.  Henry

Monday, August 29, 2011

5K fun run at Mountaindale Sun Resort

Save the date!  Mountaindale Sun Resort has just completed a running trail and is inviting 50 runners or walkers to participate in their first Mountaindale Sun Fun Run and Walk on September 17th  at 9:am.  The event is open to all skill levels and ages.  The 5K run/walk consists of 3 loops over steep logging roads and trails with 200 feet elevation gains every quarter mile as shown on the map above.  However, some of the roads are covered with gravel, which may be uncomfortable for running bare foot. Bring shoes, come early to look at the trails, and decide for yourself whether or not to run bare foot.  The 1 mile walk/stroll takes place on the third loop in the map above with only a 40 feet gain in elevation over a half mile. There is a $10 race and day fee for participants. All others will pay a $12 a day use fee for the Resort which has a swimming pool, hot tub, food to purchase, and places to camp if you wish.  The evening of the run will be a celebration of "Arabian Nights" with belly dancers and Indian and Moroccan food as described here:  Directions to Mountaindale Sun Resort, which is 30 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon, can be found here:   For details and the registration form go to:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you cyclists, runners, and volunteers

Thank you Mark, Kathy, and an unidentified cyclist who helped to keep time for the Fig Leif 10K off-road bicycle and 5K run.  The cyclists started one minute before the runners.  The runners ran to mile post 2 before returning to the starting line so the course was more like 5.5 km over a winding, uphill, rocky, hard packed, dirt road.  Everyone, men, women, cyclists and runners, returned safely within 28 (running) and 32 (cycling) to 50 minutes of starting.   The last person to cross the finish line had a flat tire at the halfway turnaround point which slowed him down considerably.  But he still finished faster than most people can walk 5K on level ground. Thanks again everyone, Henry

Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 Fig Leif Naked Off-Road Bike Ride and 5K Run

This is the 3rd and 6th Year of the Fig Leif Naked 10K Off-Road Bike Ride and 5K Run, respectively. Meet at 7:15 on the paved section of NW Leif Erickson Road on Saturday, June 11th.  This is the wide area with a port-a-potty about 500 yards beyond the entry gate at the top of NW Thurman St.  The ride and run will begin at 7:30pm .

Same unorganized run and unsupported ride as last year but this year we’ll have someone to keep runner’s time and watch our stuff while we ride/run.  There is no entry fee and bring your own water.  Cyclist will start a minute before the runners and hopefully both groups will return at about the same time.  Running on some sections of Leif Erickson Road is like running on badly maintained cobble stone.  You may want to check out the condition of Leif Erickson Road first if you are thinking of running barefoot.