Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oct 30, 2010 5K barefoot and clothes optional fun run rain or shine

Gathering for the 5K barefoot and clothes optional fun run starts at 11:30 rain or shine.  Run starts at noon.  We have 2 options and who ever is running can vote for the option he or she prefers.  Option 1 if weather cooperates, run 2.5 km out to the Columbia River, and along the Washington side of Sand Island and return for a total of 5 km.   Perfect for running barefoot on the sand the entire distance.  Option 2 if the weather does not cooperate, run along the Forest Bluff Trail out to the river and back for about 2.7 km, then run to and along the Dragonfly Trail. At 3 km, run out an back along the Otter Trail.  Then out and back for the remainder of the Dragonfly Trail.  Return to the starting point via Buffalo Trail for a total of  4 km.  Option 2 offers some protection from the wind but expect to get wet if it rains.  You may want to wear shoes as there are sticks and stones along the wooded trails.  Bring a towel to dry off if it rains and water to drink if you don't want to walk up the hill to the restrooms.  We will have a volunteer to keep time and watch our stuff at the starting point/finish line.

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