Wednesday, October 6, 2010

End of the summer Rooster Rock 5K fun run October 30, 2010 at noon

End of the summer Rooster Rock 5K fun run

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Start: noon.  Gathering begins 11:30 am

Fee: free for the 5K run but you have to pay the Oregon State Park day use fee to get into the park.

Staging / start-finish area:  the the bottom of the gravel ramp, 200 yard beyond the East end restrooms, at the far east end of the parking lots at Rooster Rock State Park.  There will be signs indicating that this is the west boundary of the clothes optional area.

Distance:   5 Kilometers.

Course:  soft and hard packed sand, out to and along the Columbia River.  This is the western end of the scenic Columbia Gorge.

Awards:  none, unless we can find some sponsors.

This is a free event where you can run barefoot because it is entirely on sand or even without any clothes because it is through a clothes optional beach.  You don't have to run barefoot or nude but no one will mind if you do.  This is an event to bring awareness that Sand Island is to be shared by clothed and nude users alike in peace and harmony.

Questions?  email henry5Km @ gmail dot com

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  1. Sounds great Henry! This should be fun and I'll spread the word.